Career & Purpose Clarity

I help you leave your career & find your calling with clarity and confidence.

Career and Purpose Clarity

I help you go from indecision to taking action with clarity and confidence.

I know why you stay in your current job or career. I also know why you don’t know how to change your situation.

Sounds bold. But it’s true.

You’re exhausted, can’t catch up, just winging it most of the time.

You have tried everything you can think of, sometimes more than once, you feel frustrated, chaotic and you keep doubting yourself and wish you could just figure it out for once!

Because everyone else is happy, right? Maybe it’s just you that isn’t doing things right.

Nope. Not a chance.

Because you see, I also know a secret. You are not alone. Approximately 50% of us feel the same way.

And it’s time we changed that.

About Me

Courtney Anderson, MSW

Hey there, I’m Courtney, and with 2 degrees and 15 years of clinical experience in social work, I am an expert in helping people discover their strengths, their core values and learning to use these lifelong to stay out of indecision and judgement. I can and WILL link your current patterns to your family of origin. This is critical for you to understand WHY you are the way you are. Then I teach you to finally listen to your intuition and trust yourself to forge a new life that truly satisfies you.

After an intro like that, I’m sure you’re expecting that I’ll tell you that “in 4 easy steps, you’ll create the life of your dreams through my secret signature program.” Nope. Not my style. I’m a clinical social worker who’s been in the trenches. I don’t have time for fluff, but I do have time for inspiring women to realize that we need to be our own first priority.

Normally I am very direct, bold, and I tell it like it is – super rare for a woman, but that’s why my clients love me and get such amazing results. I don’t deal in vague cliches and tentative, touchy feely advice. But I do love and use one metaphor: burning away the old self to reveal what is important. That’s why I’m a girl on fire.

I went through the fire, burned away the parts that no longer served me, and emerged stronger and happier than ever. And now I help my clients do the same.

I will throw down for you: I advocate for you, dig into the past and tell you the truth, and give you the tools to change your life by having the conversations that matter. I help my clients get past the bullshit to what’s important in their lives. Together, we uncover what is keeping you from feeling fulfilled and create an action plan to get you where you want to be.

You don’t have to settle for an uninspiring, uncertain, unfulfilled life. But you also don’t have to settle for toxic-positivity self-help programs filled with vague, clichéd advice that end up changing nothing but your bank account. My work is dedicated to honesty, integrity, and justice for my clients, and for the world. Read more about my social justice stance here.

Tell Me, Do You…

• Have goals but don’t know how to achieve them?

• Feel like everyone else has it all figured out?

• Wish you were more organized?

• Have a seemingly never-ending to-do list?

• Say YES too often?

• Feel GUILTY?

• Put everyone else before yourself but still feel like something is missing?

• Yearn to be happier but don’t know how?

• Feel like you SHOULD have it all figured out by this time in your life?

Maybe you’re completely in the dark about how to make a change. But that’s ok. I use my expertise as a clinical social worker to help you work through the mental and behavioral blocks that are keeping you stuck. We can quickly resolve some of the WHYS behind your actions so you feel relief FAST.

My Services

Achieve Clarity and Confidence

1:1 Coaching and Support

If you’re ready to dig deep and work in a “therapy-lite” setting directly with me, my 6-month coaching series is for you. We will discover the reasons behind WHY you have patterns of behavior and then change them. You must be ready to put yourself first, willing to do the work, and open to hearing the truth about your past patterns or lack of results.

Speaking Engagements

Are you part of a group or company that enjoys having expert speakers? I speak and train at private events and am an expert on topics such as journaling, timeblocking and strengths-based team building facilitation. 

Happy Clients


“After working with Courtney, I am more confident in the way I conduct business and lead my team.

I also advocate for myself and others that have a hard time doing that for themselves.”

Gabby Dowdy

Courtney is someone who will challenge you, support you, and guide you.

She is genuine and authentic and literally helps women put themselves first so that they can thrive in every area of their life. I wholeheartedly recommend her and any of the programs she offers or content she produces.

Tara Schueth

Her ideas are fresh, innovative, and fun. She is a positive, get-stuff-done force.

I would highly recommend working with her to take your business and personal development to the next level!”

Megan Nelson

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